Information We Collect

When you visit we collect the information that you are willing to provide us like your name or email address. We collect information based on your activity like the products you are accessing on Askari Herbal When you register at our website only then we access your personal information like date of birth or mobile phone number.

We often use other methods to access your information through cookies or Uniform Resource Locator. We collect and store your information for purposes like promotional messages or having track of our regular customers. However, your personal information remains secure with us and we don’t further share it with anyone.

Payment Information

You might make any kind of transaction for buying any product from our website. For this, you have to enter your credit card information or any other relevant information but Askari Herbal doesn’t store any kind of such information neither do we forward it.

There is a probability that the payment gateway might store your information but we are not linked with banking information. Our only focus is your personal information that you willfully provide us.

How We Use Your Personal Information

Text Messages

The sole purpose of our information collection and storage is for promotional purposes. If you willingly leave your mobile phone number while registering then we use it for sending information about our new products. You will be informed about our latest news and text message would be a means of marketing. We would never ask you for any personal information.

Targeted Advertising

We might use your information for targeting your interest in our list of products. We might develop and present you with content that is based on your interest in effective marketing.

Help You in Creation of Account

You might want to create an account at Askari Herbal for accessing our services. So your personal information is collected by us to help you during the creation of an account and for logging in again.

Telephone Calls

If you have willingly provided your mobile phone number at Askari Herbal then we might use it to access you in case you place an order. We call you for our new updated items list or other promotional purposes to provide you relative information and tips as well.

Promotional Communication

The information you have provided at Askari Herbal can be used by us for promotional information. Our marketing partners may use it to access you and tell you about surveys, statistics, and other promotional marketing purposes.

Marketing Emails

If you have purposely provided your email at our website then we might use it for email marketing. We might send you promotional emails for keeping you updated about our latest products and upcoming events or exclusive discounts. If you don’t want to receive promotional emails then you can also unsubscribe from our email services by clicking the link below the email.

Service for Support

You might have any queries that you would like to ask or consult with us. If you ask so then we might access your information for supporting you through our services center.

Tracking Technologies We Use

For collecting your information when you visited our website, we might use tracking technologies for this purpose. We use Internet address protocols, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), or cookies for customizing our website depending upon your visit. This might be used for surveys or statistical purposes or providing you with services related to products of your interest. Similarly, web beacons could be used for targeted advertising of new products or promotional marketing.

Contact Us

If you have any queries related to our policies or services we provide, you can simply contact us using our official email [email protected].